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Dodge red circles and pick up the yellow spheres


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Autonomy is an 2D arcade game where players control the movements of a tiny blue ball of light that you'll use to try to grab yellow and green spheres, while also on the look out to dodge red balls. The longer you last, the harder things get.

Tapping and swiping your finger across the screen moves your blue sphere around. The real twist that Autonomy supplies in this genre is the following: your moves trace the exact trajectory that your next target ball will take the following round. Meaning, currently its moves are identical to the ones you made in the previous round with the blue sphere. Strategically, you'll need to make subtle movements without jerking abruptly or going too fast, otherwise you'll be facing quite a challenge the next round. As soon as you start to catch on to this fact, you'll pick up on just how tricky this game really is.

Autonomy is an arcade game that offers unique and very addictive gameplay. When starting to play, in fact, it's very possible that you won't even notice that the red balls copy your past movements, but as soon as you do, it changes the game forever.
By Jessica
Autonomy: The game where you are your own worst enemy

Colored balls in motion. That's the first thing you'll see in Autonomy, a free Android game that has more to it than first meets the eye. In this title you face the worst possible enemy: yourself. Every move you make gets replicated in the near future and you'll have to avoid touching it. Now we're not "just" talking about colored balls, but about testing out your memory and skills to unexpected extremes.
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Android 2.3 or higher required